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Travis Plumbing & Mechanical Services Limited serves the Domestic, commercial, industrial, retail and health care sectors, we design, install and maintain, plumbing, heating, cooling, Catering and ventilation systems.
we are basted in Lincolnshire but complete projects nationally, whatever your needs we can find the best and most cost affective solution.

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 What is an air source heat pump?
An air source heat pump works by absorbing heat from the environment, even when temperatures are well below freezing. It extracts heat from the air around us and transfers that heat to the inside of your home, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Other advantages
  • Heat pumps are 3 to 4 times more efficient than a gas boiler
  • Low carbon (which can be reduced further with a renewable tariff)
  • Reduced long-term running costs
  • You may be eligible for a £7,500 grant towards installing an air source heat pump. 
  • Low maintenance with a long service life

Air conditioning

from single split systems for your home, to multi floor VRF systems for your office block.

oil heating

we are members of Oftec, making us able to work on oil fired heating appliance's, Domestic and commercial.

MVHR systems

(Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) keep the air crisp and clean, with a mvhr system, we can size, design and install the perfect system for your home, office or work place.

gas heating

were also members of gas safe, we can install and work on commercial and domestic heating and catering appliances.

Commercial Catering

We Design, Service and Install Commercial Kitchens.

In House Cad Design Service

Solid Fuel Appliances (wood burning stoves)

through our Oftec registration we can install and service solid fuel appliances.

Plumbing and Drainage

we also install and maintain domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage systems.

Recent projects  image
We recently completed a warehouse project in Rugby, Warwickshire, we designed the warehouse heating (X2 150KW powermaic Oil blow air heating) , office plumbing (X1 Lady's toilet, X1 men's toilet, X1 disabled toilet and X1 canteen) and heating (Air to Air heat pump to do heating and cooling).     
  • Sleaford, UK

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